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mortar_n_pestle's Journal

Mortar And Pestle - Witches of Hearth and Hedge
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Hello everyone! This community is for the Kitchen and Hedge Witches - the cooking and Nature-oriented pagan men and women out there - who know that divinity is never more than a wooden spoon or a pot of soil away!

Want to get opinions on herbs? Magic-oriented cookbooks? Magical Recipes of any sort? Here's your place! Likely, topics will stray one way or another, but I'm going to at least try and keep it semi on track :)

All are invited, but everyone is expected to come with a sense of respect and dignity. Once joined, please feel free to start up topics on what interests you about kitchen and garden workings, and encourage discussions!

Please no flaming/trolling/asshattery. Humor, is, of course, greatly appreciated, but do try and rein in the snarkery if it's mean-spirited. I wanna exchange ideas, not referree.

Thanks to all - may your pots never boil over!