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Changing up luck?

Hello everyone;

I'm asking the community at large if they have any effective ways of chasing off bad luck, be they small charms or full rituals. I've had a string of some of the worse luck I've ever seen lately, including getting hit by a garbage truck that totaled my car, losing my job, and my father in law having a stroke in the same week. I could really use some help!

All this bad luck has disrupted my home and rendered my kitchen witchery flat as a burned pancake. I can't raise up the energy the way I used to - tried lighting dressed candles, incense, cleaning, the whole nine yards.

Help! :-/



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Jul. 4th, 2008 05:19 am (UTC)
Being Hindu-ly oriented I do small offerings to Saturn every Saturday (duh.). My offerings used to be much more elaborate, involving mantras and candles and graveyards and such.. Now It's eating sesame seeds on saturday, and whenever bad luck strikes I just look at it as Lord Shani (one of Saturn's titles in Joytish, Vedic astrology) looking at me.

It's not going to avert his gaze. Everything falls under it, and it takes a LONG time for it to pass, but the offerings have helped attune me to it, to be more aware when I am fucking things up of my own regard, and help me deal with things being fucked up in general.

Also, when the going gets tough, sometimes the tough call in favors from mom. Offerings to your patrons of food and incence I've found help, though not always in ways you expect. As well as planned devotionals, "every saturday for one year" or "Every day for one lunar cycle" for them. It helps get their attention, and show you're serious.
Feb. 17th, 2013 04:48 pm (UTC)
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